R.I.P Grampa 09.18.10 www.facebook.com/sarah.alyse.yun Mommy to be ♡

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God gave me you for the Ups & Downs, God gave me you for the days of doubt ❤️ I love you so much, Layton Nicholaas

To my class of 2014 who have made it through their milestone of senior year, Proud of yall 🎓 #seniors #pinning #worddd

#fav #delish #girlsnight #mamadukes @yagirlmads 🍣🍜🍚 (at Sushi Naiya Japanese & Thai)


you should be..

You boys are my life.
Yall are goin through a lot right now, but I promise it’ll only get better from here. I will be here every step of the way to support you, take you to school, & keep yalls head on straight.
I’d take a bullet for you boys. Our family will get through all this bs in no time❤ this move is a good move for us all..
My loves, my life, what I live for💋. Logan, Layton & Brendan

In the patriotic spirit! I have the cutest nails around, I’m cocky, & yes.. No one else has them as great as me. Happy 4th..

Miss Me Jeans & some Camo to rep our soldiers . Happy 4th

#NorthBeach #Cove #HotAF #TANlife #VS
#Bitches #Boats #Beer
👩👸⛵⚓🍻🍺 🏄☀🌊 (at Fort Pierce Inlet State Park)

#FlatLine #finally #hellyea #iphone #chargaa #thankyou aunt Brenda !